2019-2020 TERM PLANS

Theme:               Michigan Rainbow’s Adventures through the Looking Glass

Motto:                 “One of the deep secrets of life is all that is really worth doing, is what we do for others.”                     

                             Lewis Carroll
Goal:                   To increase membership and the connections within our Orders

Charity:               Care House of Oakland County
Bible Verses:     “Perhaps that is the moment for which you were created.”  Esther 4: 14                                                                    
Symbol:              Hatter’s Hat, Tea Cups, Cards, Hearts and Gears

Flower:               White Rose with Red Tips

Fun Symbols:     Alice in Wonderland Characters (with emphasis on Alice, Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit).

Colors:                Teal, Lavender and White

Pledge Group:   The Curious Adventurers

International Order of the Rainbow for Girls in Michigan