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International Order of the Rainbow for Girls in the time of


International Order of the Rainbow for Girls in Michigan




For all our Rainbow and various Masonic friends. We have had a hard time being apart from our rainbow sisters, when we took a step back we realized it was a good time to remember our Rainbow lessons. Please take the time to read/skim this post and remember your Masonic lessons.

Coronavirus has caused us to miss out on many of our Rainbow meetings and activities. We have had to find new ways to connect with our sisters and our Masonic Family. In this time of COVID-19, we have an opportunity to reflect on our Rainbow lessons and use them to get us through this crisis.


This virus has caused us to find a new way to express our love. We are no longer able to show love in our traditional forms, hugs and kisses are not socially distant. We can’t visit loved ones like we used to. We still have so many ways to show our love though, by doing video visits, dropping off supplies to homebound family members, and calling to chat. In our Rainbow lessons we are instructed to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” So much of this quarantine requires us to be thinking of our neighbor. It is the health and safety of those around us that keeps us home and causes us to wear masks. In the lesson of Love we also learn that it will help us “to see in sorrow and bereavement.” In the sadness that is inherent in this time of isolation, it is our love for each other that will pull us through. When we are unfortunate enough to experience loss during this time; whether it is the loss of family and friends, loss of time, or loss of freedom, we need to hold tight to love, since love conquers all.


Although places of worship are closed at this time, it gives us the opportunity to practice religion in our own homes. Each of our homes have become places where we can commune with God. There are many different services being streamed over the internet. Religion is even more accessible than it was before.


This time of avoiding large gatherings is the perfect time to get in touch with nature. If Mother Nature ever decides on a season, we will be able to enjoy the outdoors. Go for a walk or bike ride, spend some time viewing the many joys nature provides for us. After all, our lesson states that it is “away from the crowd that you may commune with God.”


In this time where illness is gripping our society, it is important for us to remember our lesson of Immortality. Coronavirus “regards not youth nor youths’ ambitions.” It has been affecting people of all ages around the world. We have heard of many lives being lost. If we are so unfortunate to know of someone lost during this time, we need to remember that “death is a part of life.” It is our belief in life after death that allows us to find peace in the tragic loss of a loved one. The sad truth of this disease is we are likely to lose people that we love. We need to have the strength and understanding of our immortal life to reconcile our feelings of loss and anger.


Part of being true and faithful to family and friends is offering assistance to those who need it. Another important part is to be true to yourself. Recognize when you are in need of help. In this time it is important to maintain your physical as well as your mental health.


The most patriotic thing any of us can do right now is to follow the advice of medical workers, epidemiologists, and other scientists who have the knowledge and the preparation to carry us through this. This is a war we are fighting on our homefront. The enemy is unseen but the effects can be seen in its victims. As Rainbow Girls, we make a vow to obey the laws of our country. It is our patriotic duty to follow government instructions to ensure the health and safety of our fellow citizens.


We are called at this time to sacrifice ourselves. Some may sacrifice a little and others may sacrifice a lot but “it is the service you perform that will turn into pure gold.” Sacrifices made during this time are for the good of our family, our community, our nation, and our world. Never has there been a better time for us to serve others, check-in with family and neighbors who may not be able to easily complete their normal tasks and chores. We have to be creative in our service due to the restrictions in place, but there is still ample opportunity to serve.


This time feels as if we are “constantly groping in darkness.” This is uncharted territory for all of us and it can be scary and frustrating but it is the “firm guiding hand of Faith” that will keep us on the correct path. We need to have faith in each other as well. Faith that others will continue to do what is necessary to stop the spread of this virus and most importantly faith that when this is all over, we will be able to join together again as a community.


“Hope always awaits you”, in good and bad times. Remember to keep hope alive for yourself and others in this trying time. The Rainbow is a symbol of hope, hope that the world will continue after a great disaster. We need to have hope that on the other side of this, we will be better and stronger. Our Rainbow sisters are our Hope at the end of this struggle.


“Now abideth Faith, Hope, and Charity, but the greatest of these is Charity.” The most amazing part of this entire pandemic has been the charity that has been shown around the world. Many people have shown that when everything is trying to keep us apart there is still a way for us to come together. Continue to show charity to others and charity to yourself.

The best outcome of this entire thing is if we do not feel a sense of loss. If we are able to keep lives lost at a minimum. If the hospitals were over prepared and never overrun. If we don’t need to make life and death decisions for patients based on available supplies. If we all come out of this as a better and stronger community. Recognizing those things which we could have lost, but we did not, because we were all willing to work together towards a common goal of having faith in our neighbors, our towns and each other, having hope for the future that we will come through this as stronger individuals and a stronger community, and at all times maintaining charity toward others.

With Rainbow Love and Service,

Erin Bodine RN, BSN, OCN                                                                                     Jacquelyn Bodine LLMSW

PGWA Michigan 2011-2012                                                                                  PGWA Michigan 2015-2016